OXID eSales AG

E-Commerce Software

made in Black Forest

Our Vision

"For every industry and segment there are specific e-commerce solutions based on OXID technology."

Our mission

We develop OXID eShop software with focus on:


  • Efficient customizability & extensibility  
  • Reliability and scalability   
  • Relevant standard feature set


It serves as the basis for webshop projects of our agency partners. We create, organize and maintain a strong partner network in which our partners grow and specialize together with us. They become agencies with an industry focus, working at eye level with customers to understand the customers' business. As a result, they create industry-optimized solutions with competitive advantages for our customers' digital sales channel, the web shop: individually and in time & budget.

Our values

Do it like a professional!

Ask yourself:

Can I look at my/our work neutrally and say, "Professionals did that!" Would I pay a "professional" easily for the work I have done?

Be productive instead of busy!  

Ask yourself:

Have I thought through different solutions and decided on the smartest/best one? Does the solution bring us closer to our vision?

Don't hide!

Ask yourself:

Am I aware of my responsibility for the company and my colleagues?

Make the difference!

Ask yourself:

Did I perform at my best and try everything I could to improve or win the situation? Am I contributing enough to solve problems and achieve goals?

Be a gentlewoman / gentleman

Ask yourself:

Looking back, did I treat customers and colleagues the way I would want them to treat me? Do I have a good feeling and a clear conscience?

None of us is as smart as all of us!

Ask yourself:

Did I draw on my team's experiences and did I bring my experiences to the team to make it better? Did I pick up and involve everyone?


Typical for us

Proven, Mature > Bleeding Edge

With us, customers are no test balloons of technological experiments. We rely on proven and mature components.

Class > Mass

We cultivate precisely selected partnerships that fit our philosophy.


Authenticity > Everybody’s Darling

“Truth is a point of view, but authenticity can't be faked.“


Approachable > Global Player

We are from Freiburg and that’s a good thing. We stand for direct contacts and personal interaction.

Our History

  • 2003 - Company Foundation: Founder team in Freiburg releases OXID eShop version 1
  • 2005 - 1000 shops online: More than 1000 productive systems based on OXID technology in use
  • 2008 - Open Source: OXID technology is freely available to the community based on open source code
  • 2010 - Enterprise Market: Orientation towards the enterprise market. Release of the commercial OXID eShop Enterprise Edition
  • 2012 - OXID eShop V5 & PS: Introduction of Professional Services and release of OXID eShop version 5
  • 2016 - B2B Edition: Entering B2B market: release ofOXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition
  • 2017 - OXID eShop V6: Release of a major refactoring - OXID eShop version 6
  • 2019 - OXID Cloud: Launch of the OXID Cloud as a PaaS offering
  • 2022 - New Company Alignment: Consolidation of the portfolio and strategic realignment of the company. Focus on vertical solutions with solution partners. End of the open source offering.

Our Management

Henry Göttler

Executive Director

OXID eSales AG

Oliver Charles

CSO - Chief Solutions Officer

OXID eSales AG

Gültekin Koc

Director Support & Academy